Vienna is one of the nine states of Austria, the capital, its the largest' s city and a cultural, economic, and political centre.


  Vienna  is one of the nine states of Austria, the capital, its the largest' s  city  and a cultural, economic, and political centre.

  We arrived in Vienna at about 21:00 via Bratislava. One pick-up from one city to the other was the Flix-Bus which we took just outside the Slovak capital's airport. The route cost 5 euros per person for about one hour and fifteen minutes. We stopped at Flix-bus stop in Erdburg! Even though the difference of the climate we felt it directly when landed in Bratislava, it seemed to me that in Vienna it was a bit more intense. Happily, the taxi stop is right across the street. A little bit in German (thanks to my son an amazing german speaker, who got on with everything, fortunately our money in private German tutorials is not lost) a little bit in English we managed and in a quarter and arrived in the apartment! We leave the suitcases and ask the apartment owner for a good Austrian restaurant. Miraculously, he recommended the bar that a friend of ours was recommended who was a frequent visitor of Vienna. In 10 minutes we had take off our jackets and we were already sitting at the table! What to say! The prices are very good for the quality and quantity of food. We ordered for 4 people and food came to us for 8! The following photo will convince you ... ..

Men of my life in Centimeter bar!

  Next morning after the first coffee and with 2 analgesics already in my stomach, (headache i thought, after yesterday's fagot!) it was time to start discovering the Austrian capital.So, as soon as we started relatively early, we decided to go on foot. Half an hour later we reached the City Hall.

  Vienna City Hall which is located on Rathausplatz is the official seat of the Mayor and the meeting place of the city senate/provincial government. A classic piece of architecture which is set behind a large public square Rathausplatz where in winter time turns to a huge ice-skating ring surrounding by many shuttles’ selling from food to hot wine and pancakes to hot Austrian chocolate. Likely, it was open when we were there for a last day as the spring – summer season started right after. Many events take place here all over the year.

Photos at night!

Hot-dog time!!!!!

   As the cold isn’ t our best and even though we were well-prepared with thermal underwear, we decided to take a taxi for visiting the Natural Historisches Museum! Although we came close to it, we visited the next day as my headache became more and more intense. We took a look of the area, we drank coffee, got another one analgesic with plenty of water that we paid it like  gold and the rest of the company waited for me to get better. Eventually, the Viennese climate does not suits on me as I did three days to come. So many analgesics I have not taken in my life so far!

  Natural hisstorisches museum: Hosts exhibits from the fields of natural history, geology, paleoanthropology and prehistory in an area of ​​8,700 square meters! It's worth your visit and one more when traveling with children! Its planetarium although small, it is good! 

A bronze ivory at the entrance of the museum.

Let' s go inside! Here i am!

  Hofburg Palace: Impressive the imperial palace of Vienna and easily accessible on foot as it is built in the center of Vienna. Imperial rooms, Sissy' s personal items, luxurious porcelain, and lots of gold to showcase the wealth of that time. The main attraction.

You' ll have to buy a seperate ticket for visiting the private collection of emperor, Francis Joseph, in the same area!

  Almost a minute from the Hofburg Palace by foot, the Spanish Riding School is located in the same area. It has become a tourist attraction as it also offers some performances for the public. If you don' t succeed any performance as we, just photoshoot the stables and have a short walk!

  Time to walk in the heart of the city and drink a cup of coffee!

  As the city' s lights slowly began to light up, time for us to rest and have a tasteful lunch! We selected again the restaurant near our apartment! Why again in Centimeter Bar? Following photo is the answer!

  Schonbrunn Palace! What you will get from the visit is a view of the Habsburg lifestyle and their aesthetic perspective! Although when we went it was snowing and the landscape was white as you will see in the photos below, it is worth visiting it. The ticket is relatively expensive and what I want to say that no one is informing you properly. At the ticket office no one told me that there was a separate ticket for the carriage room even though I told them that I want to visit all the exhibits ... The gardens of the palace huge! I imagined it in spring, when it would be all blooming!

Snowing gardens of Shonnbrunn! Scenery changes from season to season!

Let' s go inside!

  After the robust dose of the Habsburg glamor, it's time for a wineglass in Austria's Heuriger! Few kilometres outside Vienna, in the village of Grinzing! When we arrived it was getting dusk so we did not have the time to visit the mountain. Nevertheless, we also drank a glass of wine and ate perfectly!

  Breakfast and time for a visit to the famous Vienna Opera and right after Prater for satisfying the teenagers of the company! Eventually the Opera was closed for the next two days and did not accept visits and all we did was take photos at the entrance. Concluding this city does everything to get meback again! Changed our plans quikly and decided to visit St. Stephen's Cathedral with catacombs and right after Prater!

Opera from the entrance only crying

  St. Stephen's Cathedral: Headquarters of the Vienna Metropolitan Cathedral and Archbishop's Palace. It is built in the center of the city of Vienna, on the ruins of two older temples. Its characteristic? The colorful, mosaic, roof.

 Catacombs: The location of St. Stephen's Cathedral has always been a cemetery, some of which date back to the Roman era. When the ossuary and the eight cemeteries around the cathedral were closed with the outbreak of inguinal plague in 1735, the bones were gathered and stored in the underground catacombs of the temple. Until 1783 burials were made directly to the catacombs, so it was forbidden by law • the remaining bones (more than 11,000 people) are now accessible.There also are resting Bishops, Dukes and Rectors in the crypts that he has. Visiting hours are specific, so be informed in advance if you want to discover them!

  Prater! The big Vienna wheel in a fairly large Fun Park. We visited it but most of the games were closed and they were also working in repairing! Maybe they were preparing for spring! But the wheel was open so it's time for panoramic photos! Not taken by me, acrophobiac do not forget, but from my son and the husband of mine!

  Right after a short walk on Prater and on its square where we saw the signs of Madame Tussauds! Having already visited madame Tussauds in New York it was not in my priorities. What a selfish mother! What about my children?  This was their first time and the following photos belong to them! Madame Tussauds Vienna: A great exhibition of waxworks from art, political and historical people. I think it counts about 80 figures!

  Time for lunch! Time to go and eat in a different place... What do i mean? Naschmarkt vienna! The most popular open market in Vienna for its wide range of food, drink and many things to see too! You can choose from cheese to wine and from ethnic food to traditional Austrian cakes and sweets! Another disappointment awaited us as we arrived at dusk and took it shortly before closing. At least we got it, that was something too!

 I think we took a short taste of Vienna' s landmarks and lifestyle. We could do better if the weather allowed us and if I did not suffer from a headache too! Next time in the Austrian capital, it will be summer time! A true paradise, with its many parks! So, summer in Vienna and you will love it more, as an immigrant friend we met there, told me!

Tip for saving money: Vienna has excellent drinking water which comes directly from nearby mountains. For that reason, ask for tap water when you are in cafes or restaurants otherwise you will pay for mineral bottled water 4 to 5 euros for 150ml! In my first two days in the city i paid more for the water than for the coffee! Alpine water, drinkable and one of the most famous globally, smart Mary....frown

I regretted:

1. I regret for not visiting it spring or summer time!

2. I regret for not visiting the Vienna Library! 

3. I regret for not visiting the Albertina museum! Mainly, because my children had to visit it. As I was later informed, fantastic Picasso paintings, works by Raphael, Klimt and many others.

4. I regret for not visiting Belvedere Palace!


Never mind. Next time!

Buy-buy Vienna!


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