Travelling with children

Traveling with children, is not the easiest thing in the world, but its the meaning of family traveling. They do like it as you, and stop being selfish, take them with you and you will discover that its the best thing you ever done! Your stories will become more funny, and humorous! Share your passion, and let these new little travelers to explore the world through their eyes!

Travelling with children

Children do get tired, bored and hungry as well as worrisome. They also get sick more often than adults.


  1.  Choose one place at a time. If you carry heavy and lot of luggage try to choose one place at a time and try to discover it better. To learn more about the region you visited. Trying go everywhere at the same time will blow up your budget.
  2.  Choose a destination with more theme parks
  3.  Provide more opportunities for small rests
  4.  Create a fairy tale about the history of the country you will visit
  5. Pack and give away healthy snacks to keep them satisfied when on road trips or on flights
  6.  and sometimes go for a burger or even junk food as you can be excused since you are ON VACATION!!!
  7.  Never forget Travel Insurance for all the family including kids 
  8.  Backpack syrup for fever instead of searching for open pharmacies in the middle of the night and a small first aid kit
  9.  Since you are not travelling alone try to educate your children to become the future global travellers
  10. Choose an appartment not a hotel. Kids will have more space to play and parents will have the time to prepare for their meals .In that way they will feel like home


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