Kemi - Rovaniemi

A dreamlife and the most beloved destination of children that the purity of their soul is such as the snow that covers Rovaniemi during the winter.

Kemi - Rovaniemi


A dreamlife and the most beloved destination of children that the purity of their soul is such as the snow that covers Rovaniemi during the winter. So, we landed in Kemi airport about 120 km away and about 1:30 minutes driving distance from Rovaniemi when the first snowflakes of the day began to fall down by putting us immediately in the Finnish mood! Three o' clock at noon and it was already began to get dark. After we checked in it was time for exploring the city.


Where we stayed : Scandic-Kemi hotel and one of the most central hotels in the city. It was ok as it was clean and its breakfast nice. 

Where we ate: We had great time and tasty meals in Pizzeria di Mare.


  • Kemi church which built around 1900. It deserves a visit as Kemi as a city has no much to offer.

  • The SnowCastle of Kemi, one of the reasons that we decided to visit Kemi! Even though we visit it many years ago, taste in its restaurant reindeer and admire its igloo! Different and very beautiful!



The Santa' s house, the elves, the reindeers, the post office, the workshop where the pulpit with the white beard produces the gifts of all the children and especially the city where the Arctic Circle is located are the elements that complete the dream of childhood! A city full of activities and sightseeings! Let' s go!

Sightseeings and activities:

  • House of Santa Claus. Visit the house of the fat pulpit and take a photo with him! Do it as we did it!

  • Snowmobile safari to local reindeer farm in Rovaniemi. Unforgetable! Lots of fun and laugh as we had absolately no idea about snowmobiles but after about 10 minutes lesson, everything went fine! 

  • Reindeer safari. Enjoy the Lapish nature when sitting in a reindeer drawn sleigh and after go for a drink in a local farm and learn how Lapps otherwise Sami used to live. Unforgetable!

  • Husky safary. We had about 40 minute training course about these beautiful and strong dogs with the different eyes and about 15 minutes safari with them in the Lapish nature. What have we learned? At back are those who are the strongest one and are always male dogs. In the middle are the youngest one and the smartest dogs are those who are always in the front! Guess what! They are always female! laugh Only the 10% of them have different eyes!

  • Santa' s park which is located about 8 km from Rovaniemi' s city centre.
  • Ice-fishing. A different way to catch a fish by breaking the ice!

In case you have more free days and time, you can go for a visit in Ranua park. It is about 80 km away from Rovaniemi and you can go by bus. For bus tickets and more about Ranua' s park check here. When we went it was very expensive when asked about private tour, so we found our way with the local bus! So, easy.

 Travel tips: In all the outdoor activities you will need winter isothermal clothes as the cold in winter time is not bearable. So, isothermal gloves, hats, sunglasses and generally winter clothing are some of the must have with you! Don' t forget, always with you a bottle of water!

For food: Unfortunately i don' t remember the restaurants we ate in Rovaniemi as i went there many years ago and i didn' t kept any notes! But Rovaniemi has many restaurants so don' t worry about it. There is also a restaurant in Santa' s village, as i remember. Taste reindeer and salmon. Most of the restaurants serve it and you can taste it as it cooked in differend ways.

For stay visit and find your beloved rest hotel.

 Travel in Santa' s village, where hope, dreams and magic fullfil the scenery! The number one destination for Christmas!

R O V A N I E M I ! 

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