Rome! Globally known as eternal city. We visited it in the first days of March, supposed to be its low season, but it was full of tourists! Till now i wander myself, if that was its low-season how should be in its high???


 Rome! Globally known as eternal city. It is the capital city of Italy and a special comune. Roma is located in the central-western portion of the Italian peninsula. A city full of tourism all over the year. We visited it in the first days of March, supposed to be its low season, but it was full of tourists! Till now i wander myself, if that was its low-season how should be in its high??? laugh

 We landed in Ciampino airport and took a taxi to the centre which cost us 35 euro. More info about transportation from Fiumicino airport here and for Ciampino airport here

First photo from Rome! On our way to our appartment!

Where we stayed:

Holiday Appartment Rome! We stayed completely pleased as it was near to everything.

 Majestic monuments and grande squares which testify its cultural heritage help it to keep the scepters one of the most important metropolis of the world. Rome 's historic centre is part of Unesco 's World Heritage from 1980. A city-museum. That what Rome is! Wherever you walk, as it is the only way to discover, to taste and to smell its air, you will see historic monuments to show up in every glance. So, do it as we did! Wear your sneakers and lets go!

 Tips before you start: 

  1. You should have always with you a backpack with water and a snack because in Roma 's landmarks the prices especially for the water is really high. Before you start, go to a supermarket and shop whatever you need. We did it the second day and for snacks, there is also many bakeries where you can buy tasty pizzas and many other kinds of bakery products.
  2. Have always with you an umbrella. It might rain anytime. Only few showers for 5 to 10 minutes. As long as necessary to become soaked.
  3. In Vatican city has an extremely long queue. For avoiding this hassle, book tickets from internet and skip the line! 

 Fontana di Trevi: It is the most popular fountain in the world and you will find it always full of tourists. Take you photos and selfies, admire it and in the end throw your coin into the fountain for visit Rome one more time in the future! Do you know there is a tip for that?

 Tip: We throw the coin with our right hand diagonally (i mean up to your left hand) for being sure that we will return in eternal city! If you visit it during the day, go also at night. Amazing when it is lightning! A dreaming post card at night time although it is always crowdy!

 Piazza Navona: A great square with magnificent fountains , many restaurants and stree-artists performing their show imparting you the city 's air! Most of the time is crowdy. Its fountain of the four rivers, Fontanna dei Quattro Fiumi , with its four statues symbolize the rivers of the 4 continents( Ganges, Nile, Danube and Rio de la Plata) is really majestic!

 Piazza de Spagna: One of the most famous squares in Rome! The grande Spanish steps, Bernini 's fountain otherwise barcacia and its beautiful church create an extraordinary cart postal! Grab an ice-cream, have a coffee or eat a snack in the marvellous spanish steps and be part of this amazing painting!


 Piazza del Popolo: This square is very close to Borgeze park. Via del Corso starts here, the most famous shopping street in Rome and ends in Piazza Venezia. In its south side the two churches, Santa Maria dei Miracoli and Santa Maria in Montesanto even though they are similar from outside, from inside they differ a lot. 

 Piazza Venezia: Same beautiful, in day or night time! A square close to Roman Forum. Here is situated the monument of the unknown soldier and you can also see the Mousolini 's balcony where he talked to the Italians! You can go upstairs but there is a charge. Not remembering how much but it wasn' t a big deal. Less than 10 euros. 

 Collosseum: Collosseo in roman languages is the largest amphitheatre ever built! It is situated east of the Roman Forum and it is an iconic symbol of imperial Rome! It particially ruined, during the years, from earthquakes and stone robbers. We didn' t get insinde because locals told us that it is not worth it as it isn 't in good condition anymore. More over than that, even from outside you can feel the stress of the gladiators screaming in trying to rescue themselves from the wild animals! In thought of its huge history, i really cringe!

Trastevere! For me, the most beautiful, peaceful and bohemian district of the city! Here you will find many restaurants, bars and coffee shops. In this neighborhood, your heart and your mind will be captivated by its boehme atmosphere! Have endless walks through its paths and after go for rest on the steps of Santa Maria's square. Santa Maria's basilica is situated here too.

Vatican: An independent monarchical state in Rome which is ruled by Bishop of Rome, the Pope. Here is the spiritual and administrative center of the Catholic Church. Famous for Sistin Chapel which is a chapel in the Apostolic palace. The fame of the Sistine Chapel lies mainly in the frescos that decorate the interior, and most particularly the Sistine Chapel ceiling and the Last Judgment by Michelangelo source wiki. Perhaps, the most famous landmark in the city. We start with...


  • Book tickets from the official Vatican 's site, for not waiting in queue in the entrance. Don 't book from other sites which say that they have gread deals because:
  • The entrance in Saint Peter 's Cathedral is free. It is a small charge to go upstairs in its dome if you want and it depends on what you 'll choose. Steps or Elevator?
  • Only in Cappella Sistina and the museums, you pay for a ticket and nothing else.
  • As i remember if you want to avoid the crowd on your way from Sistina Chapel to Saint  Peter 's church, you can go out from the back right door. In that way you skip the line. angel

Sistina chapel!

Saint Peter's Basilica: The area that Saint Peter the apostle died a martyr and burried in 64 AD. I inform you for one more time. For skipping the line, in the end from Sistine chapel to St. Peter 's basilica, go out from the back door on your right and skip the line without any cost! This way will lead in the entrance of Saint Peter!

As you read, we discovered Rome as much as we could and as much our feet allowed us! We throw our coin in Fontana di Trevi and now we are waiting to see if we did it in the right way. If yes, we are waiting Roma 's aura to get in our minds and call us for one more visit!

Arriverderci Roma!

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