New York

New York

 Are you travelling to New York for first time? What can you do for visiting as much as you can in this chaotic but so well-organized capital-myth?

For most of the people New York sounds as a life travel, a dream journey also for me until the booking of my airtickets. A city that you have to visit for having a taste of the American dream. The capital of the world is contradictory, crowded and innovative. Each one has a different view of it. Whether they hate or worship it. One thing is for sure. You will not get bored! It has a lot of things to do, many places to visit. But if you haven' t been there yet, travel through my post in the capital of the world, New York.

 First day tired and jet lag but so so lucky because in Madison Square Garden had basketball game! Unforgetable experience! Who cares who is playing and against who? Tickets and gooooo....!!!

 Metropolitan museum in Manhattan' s 5th Avenue. One of the biggest museums of the world which includes different sectors of art. Must visit in New York!

 American museum of natural history and the best museum of natural history i have ever seen. An amazing butterfly conservatory, dinosaurs, history and science everything is here. Tip: Go at least half an hour before openning time for not waiting in queue and be prepared to spend almost a day here. It is really big!

Go for a walk in the most iconic district in Manhattan! Time Square! Musicians, fashion shows, movie promotions, neon signs and more... Must see especially after evening when everything lights on!

Madame Tussauds New York Museum for those who are interested to be photographed with celebrities. Merilin Monroe, Julia Roberts, Michelle and Barak Obama, Bob Marley, artists and superheroes, and lots of walking to see everything. I founded in our way to the hotel by luck and it wasn' t in my plans but me and my other half enjoy it so much! We stayed there more than 4 hours!

Need fresh air? Go for a walk in the most famous park globally. Central park. An oasis of green in the heart of the skyskippers mother. Even though when we visited it was the beginning of spring but the weather wasn' t so good (it was cold and snowy) we found lots of people running,cycling and having their walk in this huge park! But this is normal for New Yorkers! In summer time when everything blooms must be amazing! It has many entrances and it is easy to find in the heart of Manhattan.

 Statue of liberty. We visited it early in the morning without pre-booking tickets for the cruise. When we arrived at the port in our attempt to issue tickets we found an american citizen who informed us that there is also another ship which we could take to see the statue of liberty. As we were not interested to get down to liberty island and Ellis island, we took this ship which travels to Staten island. So, we made the round and saw it and got inside the ferry for free! See the following photos and check here if you are interested to do the same.

 Explore Rockefeller Center. Even if you are not interested to go to the top of the rock in Rockefeller' s Plaza Observatory for taking breathtaking photos of New York city, you can go for dinner or shopping even for skating in this complex of buildings.

 New York Metro. Although the heart of the city beats in Times square, its underground metro has born a new culture. Street dancers and musicians perform their work daily and confound the crowds. Map of Metro here.

 New York is also the perfect destination for shopping lovers and i am also a fun! Tip: Go with empty suitcases and full them there otherwise you will regret it!cheeky

  • Century 21 with discounts in many brands all over the year.
  • Macy' s the most famous shopping mall. Crowded but you can find many discounted branded clothes, shoes, bags and home things.
  • Saks in 5th.av but not so many sales
  • Woodbury Common Premium Outlet. Little bit outside from New York but it was really worth it! You can go by bus as we did it. Find cost of the tickets here.
  • 5th Avenue even if you are not going to shop here because of the "forbitten" prices of the stores it deserves a walking tour.
  • DSW a real outlet for shoes, handbags and luggages.

 For food 

New York has plenty options for food. From amazing stylish luxury restaurants to tasteful street food. Where did we eat? Unfortunately i don' t remember the names of the restaurants and i didn't photographed them too. Obviously i was really hungry because of the cold in New York and photos or keeping notes was the last thing in my mind. The only thing i suggest you is to taste the street food! Really good!

What i regret?

The only thing that  i regret is that i didn' t go for a ride with helicopter, thanks to my husband! When we came back from liberty statue we founded it in front of us but we decided to come back the last day. We never did it as we got really dired. Never leave sth for later if you are able to do it now. Never mind. Next time. 

 What are my feelings about New York? Mixed i think. One thing is for sure. Actually i feel lucky for had the opportunity to travel to the metropolis of the world at least once for the moment!

Enjoy your travels wherever there are! 

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