Majorca also spelt Mallorca, as in Catalan and Spanish is the largest island in the Balearic Islands, which are part of Spain and located in the Mediterranean.


  Schools got closed, private English lessons were over, so, time for rest! The only thing limiting us was my daughter' s new tutorial in Spanish. So what! She will make one pause and she will continue renewed, we said. It is summer! Beaches, sand toys, activities and brain draining from everyday life! We all need it! This is how we started looking at the map for our next destination. Spain! Island! Not chaotic and not small! So, as to be able to explore in 8 days! Mallorca, a destination that is suitable for family holidays as it offers very good kid-friendly hotels, safe beaches, water parks, zoos etc. As we were on a budget we chose an all-inclusive hotel, with the possibility of meal preparation (basket) when we would have been outside the hotel. In that way we avoided the process to look for food when the children going to be hungry. We rent a car, we arranged our health cards, we booked flights and goooo!

  Majorca also spelt Mallorca, as in Catalan and Spanish is the largest island in the Balearic Islands, which are part of Spain and located in the Mediterranean. We choose to stay in San Como town, far but not so much from the noise and the crowded Palma where we went almost daily for walks or dining.Mallorca is a relatively small island with friendly people, who are willing to cater in whatever you need! Prerequisite to speak at least Spanish elementary! There, we met few people who spoke English or at least they didn’t tried enough, even though maybe some of them they knew. Nevertheless, a few words of Spanish and little signs and everything will be perfect! Where did we go? Everywhere! We woke up early in the morning and went where the road brought us out! We explored the all island or at least all! One of the best holidays we ever had with children.


 Places. Where to go and what to do: That depends on you! Your needs and your interests. Here are some of what we' ve done.

 Cuevas del Drach or dragon' s caves: 

 It is located on the north side of the island near the town of  porto Kristo. They were discovered it in 1880 and the tour takes about 1 hour. A magnificent cave with stalactites and stalagmites that create their own designs over the years and a magnificent lake on which you board on a boat and suddenly musicians pop out in boats by playing a mini concert of classical music. Must visit for me!

In the north side of Mallorca, the serra of Tramuntana ends in Cap de Fromentera! In this route your camera will get fire, as the scenery when the serra of Tramuntara meets the Meditteranean sea is amazing! 

Explore island' s markets! Most famous is the Sineu market where tourists and locals make the town full on Wednesdays and its hundrend stalls offer almost everything you can imagine! Another market is Felanitx and takes place on Sundays in Felanitx town. As you approach the main square you can hear the music from local musicians that sell their cd' s. If you search for a night market, la Lotja night market is an option. A small market that sells handicrafts and jewelleries! In some markets local dancer performing their work showing their culture!

Safari Park! It is located in Sa Coma of Mallorca. We visit it twice because by mistake we deleted all the photos we had taken! You have the option to drive around the park in your car or take the little train which tours around, stopping at various points. When driving around the park, the animals are free to roam around. So, be careful when you see the monkeys! They are so cheeky! Jump onto cars and trying to get inside to steal whatever you have with you. From cameras to food. When you see them just close the windows of your car! Other animals are zebras, hippo, gazzelles, giraffes, lions, tigers and various of birds. As i remember some reptiles too!

Alcudia: Swim in the endless beaches not only Alcudia' s but generally discover the beach areas of the all island! 


Either you travelling with children or not, you can spent your evening in Pirates Adventure, a famous landmark show in Megalluf in Mallorca. The ticket included dinner and soft drinks. Dance, acrobatics, thrilling gymnastic, pirates, pirate-ship, captains and crew all in that amazing show! 

 Εnjoy a relaxing day at one of Majorca's waterparks! It's one of the ways to enjoy your bath with your partner when our little travelers wander in the water games. Also a way to go back to your childhood. We chose Aqualand and Western water park in Megaluf  and it was really good!

In Megaluf another one is Katmandu park! If you are travelling with kids, visit it. Lot' s of fun!

Generally, comparing Majorca with the other islands i have visit, i can say that the island is not expensive. Prices for, food and delicius coctails were normal even though we didn' t taste so much because of our all-inclusive hotel. Shopping markets and souvenir shops were cheap too.

Tricks and tips? Only one! Rent a car, buy a map and explore the whole island! Try to find your hidden jems! They are there and waiting for you ! The only way to feel the meditteranean vacation! 



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