Located in the region of Greece in Evia island in its north side. Loutra Edipsou is the queen of spa as it is renowned for its sulphur springs. The historian Plutarch says Edipsos was a place where people meet from all over Greece to make baths, rest, talk and have fun.


   Located in the region of Greece in Evia island in its north side.Loutra Edipsou is most recognized for its renowned sulphur springs and the healing water spilling from the earth's innards.

  According to mythology, the goddess Athena asked Hephaestus, the god of fire, to create warm baths for Hercules to go there for rest after his feats. Hephaestus, therefore, fulfilling the desire of Athena, struck the Edipsos rock with his hammer, creating at that point a thermal spring from which hot waters sprang. This is how the story of Edipsos began, which we find later, through the writings of Aristotle, Plutarch and Strabon. One of the many visitors was the Roman general, Sylla Cornelius who used to come in the town after the battles for curing his wounds and recovery. Gifts and statues were given to the city as gratitude for its healing waters. That was the golden years which didn' t last because its thermal baths, considered as centers of pagan worship and abandoned or destroyed during the Byzantine times. A new neoclassical city is built on the Roman. The historian Plutarch also says Edipsos was a place where people meet from all over Greece to have baths, rest, talk and have fun. Many famous personalities have visited the town so far such as Sir Winston Churchill, Eleutherios Venizelos, Archbishop of Athens Theocletus I, Aristotelis Onassis, Maria Callas, Kostis Palamas, Marika Kotopouli and others.

  In nowadays, Edipsos is the most important destination of nothern Evia wih numerous hotels and appartments, a religious destination due to the many monasteries in the area and destination of wellness and alternative therapy for all over the year. 

  How to come to Edipsos? Evia even though it is an island is connected with two bridges which are located in the centre of the island in Chalkida city. In many coastal areas there are also ferries operating on ferry services daily.

  From Athens there are two options to come to Edipsos by car. First option and the fastest is to use the Common Bus Collection Fund (use the word KTEL in greek) and they depart from Liosion station. Telephone: 2108317153. You will stop in Arkitsa' s port and after is only 45 min by ferry. Telephone for ferry: 2226022464. Second option is to use the bus to Chalkida and after take the bus to go to Aidipsos. Even though in that way you will spend more time the route from Chalkida to Aidipsos is full of trees and rivers and generally the vegetation you' ll see will pleasantly suprise you.

  From Thessaloniki use the highway Thessaloniki-Lamia and turn in the exit Glyfa. When you arrive in the port of Glyfa take the ferry to Agiokampos(Agiokampos-Aidipsos is only 10 min by car) which is about 20 minutes.Glyfa' s port telephone number: 2238061288. If you don' t have your own car use KTEL from Thessaloniki to Aidipsos. Telephone: 2310 595448.

  What will you find here? The town is full from neoclassical buildings. You have many options to stay in from 5 star hotel to many appartments, bars and restaurants where you can taste the meditterranean cuisine(taste fresh seafood it is mmmhhh), and be in cheer as you drink ouzo and tsipouro next to the sea. 

  Monasteries close to Edipsos: Μonastery of S. Irene Chrysovalantou, monastery of Saint David, monastery of Saint Nicolas known as Galataki monastery, monastery of Saint George and of course the global known church of Saint John the Russian.

  Museums and archaeological sites: Prohistoric position of Koumpi, Roman Emperor Sylla' s cave, Taurus monument( little bit outside from Edipsos in the Orei village), the castle of Orei, the tower of Edipsos outherwise Fragoula, Nisiotissa island( close to village N.Pirgos).

  Rent a car from the local rent offices and have a tour in the nearest villages. I suggest you to go for a ride to Drimona' s waterfalls. Do trekking along the paths which ends in the waterfalls and i am sure the nature through its beauty will reward you! 

  Choose and swim in clear and endless beaches and stay there to admire the sun when dives into the sea and nearby mountains during the sunset!!!

  Visit the Seychelles of Greece Lichadonisia. A terrestrial paradise in North Evia which is composed from small islets with aquamarine waters makes the scenery outstanding. What you are going to say is, am i in Greece or in Carribean islands?!!! More info here.

  Most favourite beach bars:

  Pantermos beach barOutside from Edipsos, the way to Istiaia, turn left after 3,5 km( you' ll see a sign which says Pantermos Beach) and go straight for more 3,5km. Clean waters, an amazing beach bar and games in the sand are waiting for you!

Riviera beach bar. Closer to Edipsos in Saint Nikolas beach a well-organized beach bar exist! Play volleyball, chess, cards e.t.c. Drink juices, soft drinks , beers, wines and taste the cold dishes which are served here. Many events are also takes place here.

Porto Pefko beach bar. Where the mountain touch gently the sea and the green trees the sea' s blue, Porto Pefko located! Feel like being protagonista in blue lake! Little bit outside from Edipsos(10km away) follow the road to Gialtra village and in your left hand you will find it. So friendly and smiling staff and really an amazing beach with really clean waters!!!

Golden coast or Chrisi akti. Outside from Edipsos, about 20km away and next to Club Med resort of North Evia one of the most impressive beaches of this area is there for you(turn left in a small road before you arrive in Club Med). A well-organized beach with a cantina with sunbeds, beachvolley and  a variety of water sports. This beach is perfect for families with children as its waters are so shallow.

  This is my place and even though time to time i want to escape, it always be the port of my soul and an integral part of me!!! So, welcome in my town!


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