Dubai is the largest and the most popular city in U.A.E. Located on the southeast coast of the Persian Golf and emerged as a global city and business hub of the Middle East. The rise of Dubai is extremely amazing! It' s overnight visitors in 2010 were 8.41 m to reach in the end of 2016 in 15.21 m. What to say about Dubai? Where do i start from?


 Dubai is the largest and the most popular city in U.A.E. Located on the southeast coast of the Persian Golf and emerged as a global city and business hub of the Middle East. The rise of Dubai is extremely amazing! It' s overnight visitors in 2010 were 8.41 m to reach in the end of 2016 in 15.21 m.

 Are you fan of luxury, gastronomy, fan of special getaways and shopping? If so, the cosmopolitan Dubai is there and awaits you for an unforgettable luxury vacation experience.

 Two seasons in it. Winter is from November to March and summer time from April to October.

 You can dress as you daily do but it is prefered to respect their culture and get dressed more propriate. Get a cardigan with you! Even in summer in most of the malls the A.C is really high!

 Why to visit it? Mmm... because we also visit it and we enjoyed it a lot! 

City Map

Visit it for:

 Its golden beaches, unique for windsurfing, swimming, diving e.t.c. In Jumeirah public beach many locals in winter time place luxury tents and having barbeques or doing birthday parties. Avoid take a photo without take their permission. Tip: During the summer its impossible to swim in the sea because sea' s water temperature is about 35C degrees! It is like having a bath in hot thermal waters!

Another amazing beach is located in The Walk area! Here you' ll find many restaurants, coffee shops where you can dine or drink a cup of tea by watching volleyball games in the beach of Jumeirah. Still i can feel the taste of the tea with cardamom i tasted there!

 Gastronomy lovers will find their terrestrial paradise as kitchens from all parts of the world such as Iranian, Thai, Chinese, Pakistani, Spanish, Turkish and of course my favorite Lebanese are here to satisfy even the most demanding palate! Amazing chinese food in the following restaurant where i took the photo to remember it for next time!!

 Visit Fountains in the area where the famous Dubai mall is located in Sheikh bin Rashid Boulevard and dine in the famous Lebanese restaurant Wafi Gourmet and watch the Fountains water dance in oriental rhythms when the whole atmosphere transfer you in dreaming fairytales such us 1001 nights! Tip: Smoke shisha whith flavored tobacco by mint and fruits! In Fountains, you will have the opportunity to take photos from the famous Burj Khalifa the largest building of the world too. If you want to go to the top of the building for breathtaking photos of Persian Gulf and the city, go to the entrance of Dubai Mall and ask tickets for at the top! Do not leave the area yet! For shopping lovers, the world' s largest retail business heaven is here Dubai Mall! A frantic shopping therapy just starting! Here, you will find more than 1000 retail outlets, from Zara to Armani and for haute couture check the latest collections from designers like Stella MCCartney, Burburry, Versace e.t.c Until end of 2017 Dubai was a tax-free paradise. Since January of 2018 things have changed and has a tax which varies on the product you' ll buy. However, the internation reputation it has gained during the years for quality, variaty and price of its products, is difficult to overthrow. Its luxurius and huge malls help this situation. 

 Visit Emirates Mall one of the biggest malls worldwide. Except shopping, ski dubai is situated there too. Ski dubai was developed by Majid Al Futtaim Group, which also operates the Mall of the Emirates. If you travel with children go to the Magic Planet Dubai.It is there too.The largest indoor family entertainment centre in Dubai, featuring several international award-winning rides and games that have never before been found indoors! 

 Dragon Mart located on the Hatta/Oman Road, Dragon City will be easily accessible from all areas of Dubai via Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road. 4,000 outlets offering an incredible variety of products from China including home essentials, furnishings, office equipment, furniture, electronics, building materials, machinery and fashion! Opening hours from 10:00 am – 12:00 midnight, as most of the malls in Dubai. 

 Other malls is Dubai City Center, Ibn Battuda Mall, Festival City Mall, Mercato Mall e.t.c. If i i write down analyzing all of them i will need more than one page but the area that every mall is located has sth different to show you. Go for a walk in the marina of Dubai, in the same area with Dubai Marina Mall,  watch the lightning dows and stay stunned by the skyscrapers!!! The scenery is outstanding!!!

 For the lovers of traditional markets, roam the souk! Located in Deira and in the same area you can rent an abra(Arabic boat) for a unique ride to Dubai Creek. Two souks in Deira. The first one is gold souk, otherwise the gold market and the second one sells spices, silks, perfumes e.t.c. Tip: You will come close to many loss leaders who will try to convince you to visit their stores for buying their products. If you are not interested don' t fall into their trap, if yes you must huggle a lot.

 Another traditional market is Heritage village in Al Shindagha Rd, in Bur Dubai. Here except from many restaurants where you can dine and drink tasteful smoothies and fresh juices near the Dubai Creek or taste the food and sweets that local ladies cook for you, there is also a bajaar with old things. In that area, i drank the most tasteful smoothie I ever had. Locals in recent years spent to much for feeding themselves with organic biological products! That’s why you will see many shops which sells organic products in expensive prices as Dubai’ s primary sector is limited.

 Have an experience of the dessert. Go for dessert safari! A unique experience of a desert safari adventure that you will never forget.  Have the opportunity to do a camel ride, sand boarding and try out a henna design on hand or feet. Enjoy a delicious dinner, have a shisha and enjoy the bellydancer perfoming her show by starlight!

 Theme parks Extraordinary theme parks for those who are travelling with kids or for those who want to feel like a kid!!!If you are travelling with children a unique experience waits for you. Dubai Parks and Resorts! Bollywood park, with lots of rides and amazing shows, Rajmahal theatre, makes you feel like being in India! Riverland and Legoland locaded in the same area. One day is not enough to visit all of them. There is also a hotel that you can stay in. It is like Disneyland and more info you' ll find in 

 Minutes away from dubai parks and resorts, a new theme restaurant open its gates to impress us. Qasr al sultan . Must visit for its wax museum, its decoration, its tasteful food and its live show. Reserve a table first.


 Between November and February a major event takes place in Dubai.It is called Global Village. If you visit the city at that time it is worth visiting. It is Dubai’s leading family entertainment and cultural attraction with a unique shopping experience at 30 pavilions each representing a different country. It offers a variety of dining options from different cousines along with music and dancing shows and for the children amazing thrill rides on Fantasy Island!

  Dubai Miracle Gardens and Dubai Butterflies: A presentation of plants in different shapes and a collection of butterflies.

 We do not leave Dubai without a photo of Burj al Arab, the landmark of the city. Next to it, in Madinat Jumeirah, abras makes tours and floats nearby it. Try it! This area is amazing! Next to it, the mosque of Jumeirah, landmark, whitish and imposing, symbol of Islamic faith. Tip: It is forbidden to enter without a scarf and a decent dress. So if you want to visit it follow its dress code.

 Summarizing, Dubai is a unique destination for those that are searching luxury qualitative vacation with no stress about criminality as its rates are too low.

 Rates about safety:

Safety walking alone during daylight 91.44 Very High
Safety walking alone during night 83.38 Very High

 Rates about crimes:

Worries home broken and things stolen  16.90 Very Low

 Rates about worries of sth may happen:

Worries being mugged or robbed  15.17 Very Low
Worries car stolen 12.64 Very Low
Worries things from car stolen 19.13 Very Low
Worries attacked 16.96 Very Low
Worries being insulted 21.41 Low
Worries being subject to a physical attack because of your skin colour, ethnic origin or religion 16.74 Very Low
Problem people using or dealing drugs 19.32 Very Low
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft 18.47 Very Low
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery 14.79 Very Low

 More tips:

  • You will not find alcohol in supermarkets because is banned the sale of it but you can find plenty of it in hotel restaurants, bars and clubs. I suggest you buy alcohol from your departure airport because in Dubai charge it too much even for one shot!
  • Use bottled water not from the tap, in many places in U.A.E it tastes very bad. Use bottled it is not expensive.
  • Kissing and hunging is not permitted in public. This will get you in as much trouble as you cannot imagine.
  • Taxi is cheap so do it as the locals do!!!
  • Use also for just once the Dubai Metro which was the world' s longest driverless metro network with a route lenghth of 75 km as recognized by Quiness World Records in 2012.

 Have a unique experience in an extraordinary city! A city that tradition meets the development charming and mysteria by giving at the same time a unique character and a taste of multinational personality. Where the East meets West, Dubai is located!




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