Τhe city of beer, the city of our beloved chocolate and the capital of Europe, apparently because of the Euro-Parliament that is based here. Αnother one trip that happened so suddenly and without program. So what?  Τhe trip is important, destination does not matter ...

We landed in the Belgium' s capital late in the afternoon. Until we set up and arranged everything in the hotel(we were a big group of friends) the night had already spread its veil in the Baltic capital. After the information we took from local friends that if we wanted to find an open restaurant for eating we had to rush as most of the restaurants close about 23:00 pm, i hardly remember how all of us found ourselves in the central square, Grand-Place otherwise Gratte Markt in Brussel' s old city. Imposing, Unesco' s World Heritage Site with baroque architecture buildings. 

Sightseeings in Gran-Place:

  • The municipality or L' HOTEL DE VILLE
  • The old house of many Spanish kings and museum in nowdays. LA MAISON DE ROI 
  • LA MAISON DE DUCS DE BRABANT which took its name from the busts of the dukes on its facade. 

We made a quick tour and running to find a restaurant because our stomach began to purr dangerously (not for first time). My order ? Spaghetti and monastery beer in the first open restaurant which its name i don' t remember. Better as my reviews wouldn' t be the best! 

For food:

Many options for food in de rou des Bouchers and in Anspach boulevard,

or in the greek neighborhood! Here everything reminds greek island!

 We had an amazing time in the Ble Bar bistrot in de la Vieille Halle, during our three nights stay in Brussels, one of the few bars that stayed open after 23:00 o' clock at night. Don' t search of it as i got informed that is closed anymore. In general, most of the restaurants, bars and coffee corners close about 23:00 pm so if you are interested for clubbing don' t expect too much.

So, lets go for sightseeings.

  • Manneken Pis is the most famous statuette in Brussels. It is located at the crossroads of Rue de l'Étuve / Stoofstraat and Rue du Chêne / Eikstraat. To get there, take the left narrow street from the town hall at Grand Place and walk about 100 meters.

  • Atomium for about 15 euro as i remember. It was built for last only for six months but very quickly it has become a popular tourist attraction and national symbol of Belgium More about it here in wiki.
  • Square de La Monnaie. Royal Monnaie Theatre. With more than 300 years history, opera is located here with some lightning( at night time) fountains.

  • European Parliament: I think it doesn' t need recommendations. This cluster of buildings is known to all of us as in their hearts lies the fate of Europe according to the daily decisions which takes there.

 There is two more sightseeings that i didn' t visit but i think they deserve a note for those who may interested:

For shopping lovers there is free electric shuttle buses which are available to those who wishing to do some shopping in seven city centre neighbourhoods, but only in specific period. More info here (i founded by lack on internet, so check for it first).         

  • Passage du Nord. Even though it can be walked through in two minutes, i think you can make here a stop. This is the heaven of those who are addicted in chocolate as many chocolate shops invite you to taste their sweats. Try Belgian chocolate, simply the best. Here also, as i remember is the house of famous Davidoff with smoker items.

  • Rue Nueve and surrounding area.

 The heart of the city's shopping is in Rue Neuve. A long pedestrial street just north of Grand Place.Retail outlets who sell clothes, jewellary, shoes and candy corners are having their home here. The biggest shopping mall of the city, located here too. City 2, with many stores and a food corner! Close to it in Rue Neuve 13-15, a very nice store for cheap shopping PRIMARK.

 Brussels is not a city I would recommend for a visit over three nights because of its dull character. However, its European culture, the illuminated Gran-Place, its delicious chocolates and its unbelievable beers do not leave any visitor untouched. Explore it and enjoy your trip as much as you can in the capital of Europe!










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