Slovakia' s capital and largest city and one of the smaller capitals of Europe! Bratislava is uniquely situated on the border of two countries!  


  Slovakia' s capital and largest city and one of the smaller capitals of Europe! Bratislava is uniquely situated on the border of two countries!  The city borders Austria in the west and Hungary in the south making it the only national capital in the world to border two foreign countries.


  Telling the truth, Bratislava was not my immediate travel destination. I visited it because it was the intermediate stop for going to Vienna. Distance between them is only an hour by car and i found cheaper airtickets to fly to Bratislava than to fly to Vienna. I did the rest of the route with Flix bus, for just 5 euro per person, which had a bus-stop in Bratislava' s airport! So, my thought was why only one destination? In that way, i can discover Bratislava too! Finally, it was good decision as i got happily suprised by this well-hidden paradise in Europe!

  Time for taking energy, time for a good breakfast in Le Petit Cafe & Bar.

  Are you ready for a walking tour in Bratislava? Wear your sneakers, everything else is unppropriate, as the old city is paved and.... Let' s go! 

  A good way to start exploring the city is to visit Bratislava' s castle. Due to fact that the city doesn' t have much major landmarks, it worth a visit! The view from the top where you can see the river and the old city of Bratislava, its amazing! It was a castle, turned to palace, Maria Teresia renovated, in 1811 it was burned from a fire and in nowdays it houses exhibits of the Slovak National Museum. Photos, photos, photos, lots of photos!!! More info about Bratislava' s castle otherwise Pressburg Castle here.

View from the castle!!!

 Leave the castle and stroll down to the old city. Feel the medieval air of the city and follow the coronation route of the Hungarian kings. At the entrance of the old town where the church of Saint Michael is located, follow the crowns you will find on the street and head to the church of St. Martine where the coronation took place! 

If you find the gold crowns on the street, then you are in your right way.

  Michael’s gate & tower: Walking in this 17th century bridge, you can see people who sell souvenirs and musicians performing their art. It is a small bridge where in your left hand as you look the gate you' ll see the locks of love, a habit which characterize many European cities. Locals and foreigners express their love for their partner, leaving a lock with their initials or with an erotic message.

  As you discover the old town, there is no chance not to stumble on the most photographed sculpture of the city. It is the worker statue, KAMIL

  Got tired as me? Time for tea or coffee! The city has so many options! In the alleys you will find galleries. Follow them and you will be nicely-surprised by all these different thematic choice of coffee shops and restaurants. By luck, we found our underground ethnik tea-room in Bratislava 's heart! See the following photos and the decision is yours. 

Time for tea!

  In old town we ate in Le Papillon but prices were more expensive than outside the old city. That of course sounds normal. 

  Time to go on and cross the big bridge which unites the two parts of the city with lenght about 500m! Good point to make photos for Bratislava' s castle and Danube river. Walking and chatting, we finally made a mistake and we found ourselves on its immediate parallel bridge. As our teens groused about so much walking, we made a stop in an outdoor play ground we found in our way!

 Few meters away we finally arrived in the Ufo bridge!

 Info about Ufo bridge: Ι tryed to go but finally i didn' t manage it as i suffer, the last years, from vertigo. My husband and my two children were tryed to pulling me out of my hands to go up, but I was unconcerned. The ticket is 7,50 euro for the adult and 3 for children. As they told me the view is amazing! If you are fond of photoshooting, i think it worth i visit! It has also a restaurant there but no more info as none of us visited it because they had to go down as I wait for them for an hour, sitting on a bench next to the river and the cold was really dull.

View from Ufo bridge! Many many thanks to my husband and my son who took the photos!

   I tried to visit Devin Castle but i didn' t manage to do it as my teen-company didn' t want to walk more angry ..... and as a local informed us it was closed during the time we were there! True or not... Anyway, next time!

  Where to eat:

  The cold and the tiredness made our stomach chewy. Many options for food too. We decided to walk outside the touristic places where they took place in the old city, and after a recomedation of our receptionist we arrive in an authentic slovak restaurant. Slovak Pub in Obchodna 62. Our teenagers ordered pizza and french fries, i tasted an authentic slovak garlic soup( the garlic was really strong) and my husband a tomato soup with saugage and cappage( so tasteful)! The prices? They have no relation to the prices of restaurants in the touristic areas of the city and its squares! 

  Leaving the restaurant, we found suddenly ourselves in the heart of a protest against the government for the murder of the journalist Jan Kuciak! As locals informed us, the 27 years old  journalist had written a lot of reports about the close ties between businessmen and members of the government. The following photos for a taste of how the Slovak people are demonstrating........

In memory of Jan Kuciak and his fiance....

  What made me a terrific impression is the animosity of its inhabitants. Αbout every human being was a dog owner. I did not see stray animals anywhere in contrast of my country that we suffer in this part! Time for a present to my beloved pomeranian, EROS, as the pet-shops had lots of offers! A lovely waterproof jacket was already in my possession! 

  Time to pick up luggages! Time to go home! Buy, buy Bratislava! Hope one day to visit you again!


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