Bangkok is the capital and most populous city of the Kingtom of Thailand. Like most of Thailand, it has a tropical savanna climate with three seasons hot, rainy and cool. One of the world's top tourist destination cities!


  Bangkok is the capital and most populous city of the Kingtom of Thailand. Bang is a Thai word meaning "a village situated on a stream and ko meaning island, a reference to the area's landscape which was carved by rivers and canals. Another theory suggests that the name was makok and came from Elaeocarpus hygrophilus, a plant bearing olive-like fruit. 

   Like most of Thailand , Bangkok has a tropical savanna climate. It experiences three seasons, hot, rainy and cool. Yandex.Weather

   Our trip to Thailand started like this: I want to go somewhere far, to see sth different, another civilization and taste sth unusual, i said, when my husband Kostantinos already started searching about the expire date of our passports! Searching, searching, searching and here it is! A travel office advertized Bangkok as one of the world's top tourist destination cities! Got amazed with the colors of the photos i saw! After 7 days everything was ready ! We had booked tickets and a hotel from the travel office which we saw the advirtisement as this trip was planned at the last minute, when suddenly saw in TV  that in Thailand a military coup has started! Phone to the empassy, Konstantinos said! I called the empassy when suprisely told me, don' t worry you can travel, this happens often in Bangkok!!!

 First thing i remember about Bangkok is tuk tuks and their annoying drivers! A different taxi, for those who don' t know, a three-wheeled motorcycle taxi feature of Asia, with a typical capacity of two average-sized people maybe most three without anybody keeps that numerous in. Most of the drivers squizze in a whole family! It is a little bit dangerous but also fancy because of their decoration. Drivers used to decorate them with lights, dangling trinkets and paint them colourful to get attention of the tourists. Negotiate in advance with the drivers for not finding yourselves pay more than a metered taxi(my fault as i made many rides on my first day there as i was so enthusiastic about this fancy type of taxi ). Keep your bags close because thieves on motorcycles used to grab bags from moving tuk tuks. For me, do it just once for the experience and don' t forget that tuk tuks don' t have seatbelts so ride at your own risk! 


Another different taxi too!!!

  Second day as an addicted shoppers(me and my husband) we decided to find out the famous open markets of the city and in our way of searching Chatuchak market( we learned the name after), we strayed far from the centre of Bangkok as the taxi driver didn' t understand sufficiently when we said: We want to go to a famous market which today is open till late at night but we don' t know the name of it! Never believe the taxi drivers in Bangkok who say that they understand English or any other language. If you want to do a long-distance ride be sure first about his abilities so you' ll be able to communicate with. Almost half an hour later we saw different and dangerous neighborhoods full of independed small clubs with prostitutes outside and stopped the taxi-driver by shouting at him: Stop now! The only thing i wonder about is how much power a person can hide inside! Kilometres of running and a taxi nowhere. Inside this panic we had also to avoid a young man who was followed us from the time we got off the taxi. We run and he was running too! We went slowly and he was going slowly too when we saw a small market shop and stop watching its display window! My glance caught his knife that it was hidden half of it in his sleeve and half was kept in his arm at the time he entered the shop because he probably thought that we would have entered too! We run so fast when few meters away we finally found a taxi and got in and when the taxi driver started saying to us that this area was really dangerous, i started bless God that nothing more happened to us! Although nothing discouraged us from founding the market we were searching! After the market we found a square with happenings and perfomances(i don' t remember the name)!

Squeeze in a trip to Chatuchak Weekend Market where is the home to more than 8,000 market stalls! Everything here is on sale but all veterans shoppers will agree that all goods are not in the best prices. Prepare yourself for a big bargain hunting! Clothing & accessories, handicrafts, furniture,gardening tools, books, antiques, used clothing and of course food, are some of the goods you' ll find here. 

  Wat Arun Temple: is situated on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River and it is one of the most stunning temples in Bangkok. It is partly made up of colourfully decorated spires and its unique riverside location makes it standing magically. Wat Arun can be easily accessed through the Chao Praya River and for foreigners the temple charges an extra fee. See more

  Grand Palace & Emerald Buddha: In the heart of Bangkok the most famous landmark and the biggest must for tourists, Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha is located. A magnificent complex of buildings of great significance. The Grand Palace served as the official residence of Thai Kings and in nowdays it is used for a number of Royal rituals, state banquets and other official functions with some parts of it close to public. One of the most sacred places is the Emerald Budha in the ground of Grand Palace whose the robes are changed by the HM king of Thailand when the season changes. We made a half day tour and it was ok. See more  

  Chao Praya cruise: A scenic riverboat cruise along the Chao Phraya River! We did it and it was ok as we combine it with the visit in Ayutthaya and Royal Palace. 

  Bang Pa-In Royal Palace: Almost 60km outside Bangkok even in nowadays is the summer house for the loyal family and it is worth a visit. Admire the manmade lakes throghout the property and the architecture from different countries dominating the European. Armed quards patrol and stand at various points. It is a location that is quite revered and requires visitors to dress politely but you can also borrow coverups from a small market shop at the entrance.The Chinese building is beautiful and the view from the observatory too! 

   Ayutthaya:Almost 85 km away from Bangkok, in central Thailand, an ancient city and a must visit, Ayuthaya was declared a cultural monument and was included on 1991 in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The historic town was founded on an island and it was the capital of the kingdom of Ayutthaya and was one of the most powerful states in Southeast Asia! All the majesty and power of Ayuttaya is reflected in the numerous complexes of its gods, which are now scattered all over the old city. Lots of local travel offices offers great deals for one day tour to Ayutthaya! See more about Ayutthaya history here.  


  On our return from Ayuthaya to Bangkok, we stopped in a theme park with elephants where we made a short ride (nothing special) watching a football and dancing show with elephants. It was ok for first time as i hadn' t seen anything similar till then. The same opinion for the crocodile farm. Watching hypnotized crocodiles making a show without the best treatment from people isn' t the best but i visit it for just once.

  Floating market: We went there by taxi as we wanted to travel around, almost 100km from Bangkok! Till now, i am writing this lines, those pictures and sounds is something i will never forget. Exotic fruits, the laugh from children who were diving in the dirty river, the boats and the wooden stalls in the riverside where you can buy goods that you can also find in Chatuchak market! Amazing! We went in the Damnoen Saduak floating market, which i think is the biggest and the most touristy one. Wander around, taste local produce and take lots lots of pictures to show off when back at home!!! Unfortunately our camera discharged so we didn' t take so many pictures...angry  Still don' t know who cursed me....crying

This photos are taken many years ago and we didn' t have a good camera then but we finally took the picture of one of the snakes that were swimming inside the river! As locals told us not only there are many of them in the market but also locals feed them!!!

When i saw it for first time i wanted to jump outside the boat!!! But where could i go?

   Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute OR Pasteur Institute: An institute that specialises in the husbandry of venomous snakes, the extraction and research of snake venom, and vaccines, especially rabies vaccines. It houses the snake farm, a popular tourist attraction where are hosted thousands of some of the most venomous snakes in the world, such as the king cobra and all sorts of vipers. I went there because my husband wanted as i afraid of snakes a lot!(not even see them)! The fact is that we learned things about this awful genus reptile and the people who work there do an amazing work! Worth a visit even though you are not a big fan of them! See more about Pasteur Institute here

Following photos are taken by shaking hands!!!!


   Lumbini Park: A really big park if you want to rest or getaway from the noise of the city. Different species of plant life and fauna, people who go for running, go cycling.. We saw a lot yogis carrying their yoga mats and study yoga in groups. If you are so tired take a detour to Lumbini Park and see how locals live out of the noise of the city.

 Very beautiful country, cultural, full of parks and temples  in every glance you see sth different! Got upset by a father who told me that here in Thailand when you giving birth to a boy is sth unpleasant but giving birth to a girl is blessing. You probably understand what i mean as here in this article there is no reference about the prostitution that Bangkok is plagued by. As many countries, a country which  has been wrought with economic difficulties and nurture its people with the hangover of past war .............. Personally, i didn' t give even 1 euro to people who desperately begged us for a drink in their bars where prostituted twelve to maximum fifteen years old girls and boys! See Bangkok with different eye , search for hidden paradises and you will pleasantly surprised! Wish you a nice travel to this amazing and colourful city!




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