It has been described as the most relaxed city in Europe, not unfairly. Numerous river canals, parks, typical houses architecture with triangular roofs, food inspired by international cuisines, countless bikes with a traffic cycling network unique in the world and of course tulips!


It has been described as the most relaxed city in Europe, not unfairly. Numerous river canals, parks, typical houses architecture with triangular roofs, food inspired by all the cuisines of the world, countless bikes with a traffic cycling network unique in the world and of course tulips!
Tulips in all colors!This is a small picture of what you will see by visiting Amsterdam!Such a cool city predisposes you to be cool too.That's why we did not visit many museums but we walked the whole city and felt its pulse!

We arrived to the Amsterdam' s central station by flix-bus from Belgium for the price of 27euro for two tickets! Check in flix-bus routes because it is a cheap transport to travel through Europe.

Where we stayed:
In NH AMSERDAM CENTER HOTEL which is very close to Vondelpark park!Its room although relatively small was spotlessly clean! His breakfast was good so we did not need something more for the price we booked it.So, we were really lucky as
all hotels in Amsterdam and especially those which located in the city center are expensive unless you book a long time ago and find offers. Even though we hadn't done pre booking as this trip was unscheduled, we were lucky!

Where we ate:
In Leidseplein area at MR.TONG'S chinese bistro restaurant as our relative worked in it .
We went, we tried and we highly recommend it! If you go and you are fun of sweet and sour, try sweet-sour chicken! Wherever we went, we returned for dessert. Not sweet cake but sweet and sour chicken!

In the same area a lovely Lebanese restaurant (not remember the name) which also organizes evenings with oriental dances. The food is wonderful, a little pinched prices, staff polite and spend our time perfectly!

Where we went and what we have done:

We walked quite a bit but relaxed without the stress of visiting museums and top attractions in the city! We found on our way the floating market of flowers in Pomorie Square and we sat for coffee watching tourists and locals go round.
Of course we bought black and colorful tulips, which bloomed a few months later, to our great surprise, reminding us of the city of tulips ..

We went through the National Museum of Rijksmuseum, which has gathered all the history of the country over the centuries. It is located in Museumplein square,we were photographed on the sign I amsterdam and we went for a walk,by bicycle-taxi in the surrounding area. Amazing ride! Do it!

Tip for Rijksmuseum: Book from internet for avoiding the crowd. That was a really long queue.

For shopping lovers:
Wander around in: Leidsestraat st, Kalverstraat st and Nieuwendijk st which are the main shopping streets and you can find also clothes from a number of Dutch chain stores or visit the Hooftstraat street where haute couture shops start one after the other launching their last collection.

In Dam Square you will find Madame Tussauds one of the most famous and popular museums in the world.Princess Maxima, Bob Marley and other waxworks, parade here.In the center of the square dominates the Royal Palace Koninklijk and exactly
behind it, the shopping mall  Magna Plaza.In the same area Binjerkoff mall located and as locals say it is the biggest and the best shopping mall in Amsterdam! In Dam square also one more must see in the city is Anna's Frank house! Go for a visit and see where the little German-Jewish girl was hidden before her arrest and where is wrotten the most famous diary in the world!

Next visit,  the highly-advertised area of red lanterns and the river canals of Amsterdam city.We walked to the canals of the river Amstel as well as the famous beer named after him! Photos overlooking the canals, coffee and later drink at the local cafe bar and of course visiting the Bulldog cafe for cannabis cake test ... As I
was afraid seeing other tourists smoked so much marijuana, who fell on the road heavily ragged, we tried half of it, just for the experience!The name of the most beautiful canal-bridge is Brouwersgracht!



In Xtracold Icebar Amsterdam in Amstel 194 district you will have a nice experience of how an ice bar is. We have done it and was nice. You stay in the ice bar about 10 to 15 minutes as the temperature is too high and you can' t afford stay more, drink ice shots, enjoying the atmosphere, taking photos and after or before you can enjoy your drinks in the regular bar which is not iced!

In the city where smoking is expressly prohibited by law but the sale of soft drugs such as marijuana is allowed, the city where gay and lesbian culture is evident not only in the red light district, leave back to your home any inhibitions and travel in the most crowded city of Europe! Where there is no low and high season. In the famous and multifaceted Amsterdam!


  • If you are fun of bikes, rent one for about 8euro a day.
  • Be very careful about bikes and cycle paths, as they run too fast.
  • Tram is also a good way for transfer till 12:00 at night.
  • Taxi is expensive and you have no reason to use it
  • Bicycle-taxi is must in Amsterdam as they are cheaper and better than normal taxi. Do it for once, just for the experience!
  • Be careful, smoking is not allowed, but smoking of soft drugs in specific places such us Bulldog cafe, is free!

          Don' t forget to visit our gallery for more photos about Amsterdam! yes


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