Hi! I' m Mary. Employee, wife, mother and wanderluster! Addicted in traveling, enthusiast of airports, fan of all civilizations and food lover(the last one,with the passage of time i moderate it). When i visited airport for first time i realized that it wοn' t be the last. So many civilizations and cultures in just a few square feet!!! ADDICTED!!!

I love traveling (not fit in my place they say in my country).

Enchanted with different cultures.

Pleasantly stunned by crowds and noise of the airports.

Intoxicated with the tastes and smells of food in the kitchen of each country.

So the idea for this blog came out from my partner in job! My firtst answer was no because i was embarrased of writing things about myself and share personal moments when travelling, but after few months i decided it! Working on sth new and in sth that i really like (travels),  that makes me excited! Helping others find hidden jems in travel destinations or describe them personal views about the countries i visit, even though some people agree or not, is something creative. So, why feel embarrassed? Generally in my life, i don' t like meretricious things, i don' t live for lifestyle. Including all these: here I am!

Why gulliver-travels? First because Gulliver's travels are famous world-wide and second stimulate my interest the photo with the giant Guliver and the small people staring at him. I thought Gulliver look like traveller and small people like countries. How small the world is in nowdays? Are all these countries waiting from me to discover them? I decided! Yes, i will be the Gulliver traveller. A person who doesn't afraid anything new, who wants to smell the air of all these countries, who wants to discover all the cultures, who believes that all people can leave in peace in our planet.

I still remember my first trip! Enthusiastic I would escape from my country's borders and found out another culture! I started out as a tourist, a member of a group trip abroad, all pre booked. Safe without worrying about where to sleep, what will I see and what to eat. Nothing went by the book! We booked a car from a local car rental office and we raided the whole island! We were getting rest at the hotel late at night and the next morning we were back! On the return I had already begun to wonder where the next trip would be. The microbe had penetrated my brain and now nothing can cure me anymore. Not that I just want !!!

Tourist and traveller are two different things. I started as a tourist for 3 years( not bad to be a tourist, it is a choice) and became a traveller because i pre paid things without using them and because of my enquiring mind!!! Passport, money and goooo!!!!

Who i travel with? Always with my husband and time to time with my children. I wish i could say always with my children too! When i set in table this opinion of mine, some friends say that i am crazy. Some people say travelling with children isn' t pleasure. For me and my husband it is sth more. It is amazing share thoughts, smells, food and discover new customs with your children. For us this is family! What have we managed by put across in them our strong desire of travelling? We have two kids who hear the word airplane and airport and start pick up hand luggage better than us.

After 10 years of travelling i realized that a traveller cannot be a racist! Acclimation in ethics,customs and culture during travelling in every country, is obvious. Τravelers are not tourists, but explorers. People with passion for space and history, nature and people, dream travelers, lovers in adventure and desire. They are educated and have culture, always keep trying to conquer knowledge and fascination that our little planet exercise. A planet traveler in that endless chaos.

Well, here i will share with you travel stories, thoughts, travel tips and things you must avoid in some countries. I hope to be a huge company!

Forgive me about any mistakes in writting because my mother language is Greek. I think it will be better in the future. I hope daily writting will help me on it.

Welcome in my gulliver-travels blog area with the moto

"The goal is to die with memories not dreams, so, don' t call it a dream, call it a plan."